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August 3, 2009

About Ishmael

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Do you remember the two old men that used to sit in the balcony on Sesame Street and give everyone a bad time, and then snicker about it?  I have friend at work  and we are compared to those two old guys all of the time.  Our boss tells people he has to separate us because we feed off of each other.  One of us will setup a really good joke on someone, and the other will finish them off – all without any planning involved.  If you can’t go to work and have a little fun, it’s just not worth going to work! 

My wife tells people that I can be really rotten at times, but you have to admire someone who enjoys what they are doing and is really good at it.

I think it’s hereditary.  I have a distant relative who during the depression needed money, so he and a partner kidnapped a person to hold for ransom.  They didn’t have enough money to feed all three of them, so they decided to go out and rob a store for food.  Being the bright boys that they were, they both got killed. 

My Dad’s brother, sometime around the mid to late 1930’s, had this nasty habit of opening safes without permission by using a magnesium rod with air attached to it.  Fairly forward thinking at the time, less noise and didn’t blow up a lot of money.  My Dad had a car at the time,  so dear Uncle B. borrowed Dad’s car to get some beer, (it says in fine print).  He needed some cash for the beer so he stopped off at the local bank for a small withdrawal.  He took just a little longer than anticipated, the police showed up, caught him, found the car, and my Dad left New York at a high rate of speed and never stopped until he reached the Arctic Circle.  He took several pictures of the natives while there, and learned how to trap.  He didn’t go back to New York for over fifty years.  I always wondered if he actually just let Uncle B. “borrow” the car or not.  Uncle B. died in prison in upper New York.

Most of my family served time in one form or the other, Uncle B. in prison, and the rest of us in the Navy or Merchant Marines.  My Dad finally left the Arctic Circle for WWII and joined the Merchant Marines out of Alaska.  My Mom was a Navy Lt., Nurse,  in WWII and that’s where she met Dad.  My brother spent 20 plus years in the Navy and came out a Chief, (E7), and I spent eight years and came out an E6.  Both of my boys were in the Navy.

I’ve been married for 40 years to the same woman, [talk about serving time :)] have three children, several grandchildren, and four more who call my wife and I Grandma and Grandpa, so I guess that means we are. 

If I can’t say I am extremely happy with how my life turned out, I can at least say I am pleased and content.  If I died tonight, my life would have had meaning for others.  For more on that, see Snapshots in Time.

Are you happy, content, disappointed, angry with your life?
Tell me now.


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