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August 4, 2009

Fresh Off The Press

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This is a boring page, you probably shouldn’t read it.  If you continue, don’t say you weren’t warned.

I’m almost sixty, I will be in a few months.  The most exciting thing in my life seems to be when one of my Grandkids come over.  One of them, a girl, is three.  I look at her and wish I had half her energy.  Then I think, idiot, you do have half her energy, and it is driving someone considerably larger! 

One of the boys was here a few days ago, and he is sitting on the sofa and he tells my wife and I that he is afraid.  He is afraid of a bear showing up and eating him and he is afraid that he will have to go back to his Mom and Dad, instead of my daughter and her husband.   You see, this boy is nine years old, and he and his two brothers and sister have been living with my daughter and husband for almost five years now and call them Auntie and Uncle.  About all you can do at that time is to take him in your arms and tell him that Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie and Uncle will let him know if any bears show up, and if they do we will protect him.  As far as having to go back to his Mom and Dad, how do you tell a nine year old that you will protect him from that?  So you tell him that you will always be there for him to talk to, that you will always love him, and you hold him.

I have another Grandson, Austyn, who turned thirteen in March of this year.  He is 6’2″ and still eating everything in site.  He is also Type One Diabetic, a present from my side of the family.  Sorry Austyn.  I took him to an indoor go-kart track here and he didn’t want to sign a release form.  He said, “Grandpa, you want me sign a form that says I know I might be KILLED?”  Cowboy up, son.  If you want to ride, you have to pay the ticket.


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  1. Come to think of it, I did have a little excitment this summer. In July I had a booth at a gun show in Oklahoma City. I had several firearm magazines and some hats from Flair Hair. This was on 10 and 11 July. On the 22nd of July, I get an email from the FBI saying that someone committed a bank robbery on the 18th and was wearing one of the hats! Now, thinking this was a friend of mine playing a joke on me, I did a Google Search and found out it was no joke. I called the agent at the phone number, and he was real! Now here is a question for you: If the FBI can get from a person robbing a bank on the 18th to me on the 22nd, how come they can’t find Obama’s real birth certificate? Here is the link to the FBI site. Only in Oklahoma would someone think that wearing a hat with a camo visor, look up into a camera, and think they were well disguised 🙂

    Comment by Ishmael — August 9, 2009 @ 2:04 am | Reply

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