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July 16, 2015

Drops of Water

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I have to admit, I’m a sinner, not a saint. I’m not particularly a religious person, but I don’t believe that all wisdom can be found in one book, or in one religion. I have read the Bible, a good portion of the Koran, and several other books on the major religions of the world. I even got through an updated version of the Art of War by Sun Tzu. That one was tougher than all the rest! I find wisdom in all of them, and faults in all of them. So sue me. There is a parable in the Bible, Luke 15:11-32, (anyone who knows me knows that me quoting the bible is really not my style, but here it is). Long story short, son asks for half of his inheritance and goes out and blows it all. Then goes home and asks his Dad for forgiveness and to come home and probably more money. Says he has learned his lesson. Father says let’s have a feast to rejoice. I have a prodigal son, also, and if he came home, I believe I should never ask someone to do what I wouldn’t do myself, so I would meet my prodigal son at the entrance to our property and tell him that you have to live and die by your own choices, leave at your own chosen speed and don’t come back. Hard? Yes, I guess so. I’m not even as good a man as the Father in Luke. I stand ready to be judged by my choices. Read on, this will give you an idea of who I really am.

The story starts out like most tales in a land far, far away and in a time long past, 1972, see; it even has a real date. The far, far away place is Puerto Rico. My wife and I made friends with a couple named Sindy and Lee, and their young daughter named Kim. You will read about them in other places here, but this is now. Lee was closer to me than my own brother, and Sindy was like the sister I never had, and the same was true for my wife, she was an only child. Both families separated from the service in 1976 and lived about 400 miles apart. Lee and I would call each other every couple of weekends to tell each other jokes we had heard, now days they would call what we had something like post discharge syndrome. It’s covered elsewhere in the Blog, you might want to read it, it’s interesting.

Lee died on April Fool’s day about 10 years later. He always did like a good joke. This is where it gets interesting. Lee had family he didn’t like, like most families pretty normal. When they lowered him into the ground, I picked up a shovel and started to help fill the grave. The family member he disliked most came over and tried to grab the shovel from me. At that moment, the thought ran thru my head that I should take the person’s head off with the shovel! Why should this person still be alive when my friend was dead? It was very close, but I gave up the shovel.

Move forward several years. Sindy has remarried to a good man, Kim has grown up and is married. Sindy is diagnosed with terminal cancer and is given less than a year to live. She and her husband went on line and picked out her urn because she wanted to be cremated, (which my wife and I also would prefer). Out of her last six months my wife and I either flew over to their house, or drove every month. One month the weather was so bad the planes were grounded, so I rented a 4WD rig and we drove over to their house on sheet ice. For the next two months we went every other weekend, the last month we went every weekend. We even went with her to the hospital several times. Two weekends prior to her death, Sindy wanted to watch the Bucket List, so my wife and I bought her a copy. She didn’t want to watch it with us, (understandable). They placed her in a hospital bed downstairs, and I slept on the couch at the foot of the bed so if she needed ice chips, had to roll over, change the channel, get juice etc., I would be there to help, it was also to give her husband a break. If you have watched Bucket List, you know that Jack Nickolson and Morgan Freeman wanted to be cremated and buried in tin cans of peanuts called Buckets of Nuts. During the ceremony when they were putting the urn in the receptacle I told my wife we need to get our Bucks of Nuts ready and Kim partially overheard us, took it out of context, probably thought it was inappropriate or disrespectful and was very cool toward us after that. Never have had a chance to explain. I wish Kim knew the whole story. I even got Sindy to give a really good laugh the weekend before she died when I pulled a joke on her sister. God I miss that laugh.

I’ll be 67 shortly and sometimes when I can’t sleep at night, I still miss them so much I cry myself to sleep. Imagine that, a 67 year old man crying like a baby?!?! It’s been so long but it still hurts like yesterday.

My wife and I lost a brother, sister and daughter that weren’t even ours, ours is better life for knowing them but damn it sure hurts!

The drops of water are tears running down my face.


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