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August 4, 2009

Value Doesn’t Mean Money

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Remember when clocks didn’t have batteries?  You would wind them up with a key and they would run, but you could ususally hear them go Tick, Tick, Tick, with maybe a Tock in there once in awhile when the spring released.  You ever get curious how they worked, take the back off and wind it up?  Did you ever wind one to tight and have the spring explode in your face? 

No matter your age, and no matter if you ever saw a clock with a spring; people can get wound to tight once in awhile just like that old clock.  Depending on where, when and what culture you were brought up in, you have values; principles that you live by, things you believe in.

Just because someone grew up in a different time, area or culture doesn’t mean that their values are wrong or any less important than yours or mine.  You aren’t going to be able to force them to change to your values if they don’t see the benefit to them, see that it is true.  Your truth doesn’t have to be their truth, and you both can still be right.

Most religions have some version of the Ten Commandments, because this isn’t just about religion, or religious beliefs, it is a code of how to get along with your neighbor and avoid conflicts.  They are guidelines. 

Now I have my own set of values, and they probably won’t be the same as yours, because you did not grow up in my environment, nor I in yours.  I say again: That doesn’t mean either of us is right or wrong.

Here are some of the things that I hold to be of value:

  • Never lie, it will come back and bite you in places that are uncomfortable
  • Never hurt someone needlessly.  Sometimes it is necessary, but not often, and do it gently
  • Make amends for things that you shouldn’t have done. If that person isn’t available anymore, help someone else that is
  • Don’t write something down that you don’t want the whole world to see, because if you do, the world will see it
  • Don’t say something about someone else that you wouldn’t say to the person directly.  It will get back to them
  • Value your family, they are stuck with you
  • Value your friends, they will not always be there
  • Tell yourself you have value, worth, you have to live with yourself and so do your friends and family

I believe that when people break their values, they get wound just a little tighter each time.  If they are forced to keep compromising those values over a period of time, they become like that clock that has a spring wound to tight; they explode in your face.  Every time I break one of these values, it comes back to bite me in one of those uncomfortable places.  I get real tired of having raw bite marks and a little voice in my head saying “I told you so.”  It’s even worse when someone else tells you the same thing .


What or who do you hold dear to you?
What makes you who you are?
What holds value for you other than money?
Tell me now.


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